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Woman staying active at home

Sedentary? Tips for Staying Active in 2022

Last year, many New Year’s resolutions went down the drain when the pandemic hit the world. Social distancing and lockdown […]

Veganuary - vegan meal of toast topped with tomato, banana and avocado

Veganuary – Tips, Recipes, and Products

With more interest in animal welfare, becoming vegan is an increasingly popular choice. Celebrities are taking the plunge as are […]

Balloons with happy faces on

21 New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy Life

If you think New Year’s resolutions are doomed to failure, perhaps you’ve made yourself too many promises to change too […]

Sleeping woman using Chillmax Air personal cooler on her bedside table to keep cool at night

How to Keep Cool at Night

As a nation, we can’t wait for the temperature to start to soar. After all, hot summer days mean shorts, […]

Close up of person meditating in a yoga stance

How To Meditate: World Meditation Day

We’re living through strange times. Living through a pandemic, for starters, feels like we’ve all been thrown the ultimate curveball, […]

Post-lockdown anxiety - Anxious woman looking out window

How to Cope with Post-Lockdown Anxiety

The long, hard months of lockdown are at last coming to an end, and as the UK opens up, we’re […]