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Sleeping woman using Chillmax Air personal cooler on her bedside table to keep cool at night

How to Keep Cool at Night

As a nation, we can’t wait for the temperature to start to soar. After all, hot summer days mean shorts, […]

Close up of person meditating in a yoga stance

How To Meditate: World Meditation Day

We’re living through strange times. Living through a pandemic, for starters, feels like we’ve all been thrown the ultimate curveball, […]

Post-lockdown anxiety - Anxious woman looking out window

How to Cope with Post-Lockdown Anxiety

The long, hard months of lockdown are at last coming to an end, and as the UK opens up, we’re […]

Walkmaxx Blackfit - walking vs running

Walking vs Running

For those who want to get fit, the walking vs running debate is very contentious. Whether you prefer to run […]

Gluten-free written in flour on a wooden chopping board, surrounded by bread, wheat and crackers

Coeliac-friendly, Gluten Free recipes

This week (10-16 May) marks Coeliac Awareness Week. To help #ShineALightOnCoeliac, we explore what coeliac disease is, how a gluten […]

How nature is good for mental health - happy elderly lady and younger lady gardening

How Nature is Good for Mental Health

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has come to the forefront of public discussion. Enforced lockdowns, job and money worries, […]