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Homemade Christmas decorations - gingerbread ornaments

Homemade Christmas decorations

The wonderful thing about Christmas is that if you’re passionate about adding seasonal decorations to your home, is it a […]

Bonfire night party - Hands holding sparklers in the dark

Bonfire Night Party: A Do That Would Make Guy Fawkes Proud

This year there’s no excuse not to celebrate Bonfire Night with your loved ones. Check out the following ideas and […]

Halloween crafts

Halloween Crafts For Kids And Adults

It’s not long until Halloween lands, which means it is the perfect time to watch some scary films and snack […]

person using portable sewing machine

How to use a portable sewing machine

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to sewing, or to be exact sewing machines? National Sewing Machine […]

Activities to reduce stress including embroidery

21 Activities to Reduce Stress

Unchecked, stress can be a killer, which is why every year, the month of April is dedicated to stress awareness. […]

Easter crafts of painted eggs and bunny shapes

Easter Crafts for all the family

Easter brings sunshine, warmth and the promise of warmer weather to come. It’s a signal to unfurl after the cold […]