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British Food Recipes from Every Region

When it comes to good food, Britain has an unfairly bad reputation. As a nation we have some spectacular, if not so well-known regional specialities that can rival dishes from any country in the world. 18th September to 3rd October marks British Food Fortnight which this year will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. This is a celebration dedicated to the delicious and diverse food that is produced here in Britain. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the regional British food recipes you may want to try over the next fortnight, and beyond.

British food recipes - fish and chips on top of UK flag tablecloth


Our culinary tour starts in Scotland, home to some rather wonderful fresh produce and a highly diverse range of different dishes.


No list of Scottish dishes would be complete without a mention of Haggis, the dish synonymous with Burns Night. This speciality is not for everyone but is something that should be tried at least once. Haggis is best cooked in an ovenproof dish, covered in foil. Traditionally it is served with neeps (swede) and tatties (potatoes), which should be cooked in a pan until soft and then roughly mashed with a potato masher.


Scottish Whiskey and fresh raspberries are folded through whipped cream with honey and toasted Scottish oats to create a truly delicious, and rather decadent dessert. This simple delight is easy to prepare and needs very little kitchen equipment, just a couple of bowls, a whisk and tray for toasting the oats.


Kedgeree is a delicious dish of smoked haddock, rice, hardboiled eggs, and spices. It has graced the breakfast table both in Scotland and all over the UK since the Victorian times. This is a dish that is created in just one pan; (a large frying pan is ideal) and served very simply sprinkled with freshly cut parsley.

Northern Ireland

We move across the sea for some delicious hearty meals, including the ultimate breakfast.

Ulster Fry

This hearty breakfast teams fry-up faves eggs, bacon, sausages with the Irish additions of potato farls (a type of flat bread) and soda bread. For an even more extravagant affair, add black AND white pudding, beans, tomato and mushrooms.


A popular sweet from Northern Ireland, Fifteens are made with marshmallows, digestive biscuits, glace cherries, condensed milk and desiccated coconut. They’re a delicious treat for brunch or teatime.

North West England

The North West is a great source of regional British food recipes and is known for a lot more than just the Bury Black Pudding and Manchester Tart that they produce.

Cumberland Sausages

This iconic sausage is traditionally sold rolled up as a flat circular coil, it is best cooked in a good quality frying pan, turning occasionally during the cooking process. It is great served with mash and vegetables, but it also forms part of a Cumberland cooked breakfast.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Cartmel in the Lake District is famous for their sticky toffee pudding and rightly so. This heart-warming gooey pudding is great on a cold winter’s night served with a drizzle of fresh cream.


Scouse stew

This Liverpool staple is an iconic dish that you will find on many café menus as well as in many homes. This heaty stew is made with either chunks of beef or lamb, potatoes, onions, and carrots. In many ways the dish is similar to a Lancashire Hotpot or an Irish Stew and was often made using leftovers. It owes it origins to Lobscouse, a stew eaten by sailors who brought it to the port of Liverpool. A cast iron casserole dish is essential for the making of Scouse which cooks for several hours on a lower heat.

North East England

As we move down Britain we arrive in the North East. With its beautiful lakes and scenery, it also boasts a range of fantastic regional British food specialities.


As we near bonfire night people in Yorkshire will be thinking about making a batch of parkin. This sticky dense cake is made with black treacle, spices and oatmeal all mixed together. It’s then baked in a sturdy deep cake tin for around an hour. The smell of freshly cooked Parkin is incredible, but you should resist trying it for a couple of days to allow the top to become extra sticky – it’s worth it.

Chicken Parmo

Created in by an American chef in Teesside, the creamy, indulgent Parmo has become a North-East English takeaway staple. Breaded chicken or pork is covered in bechamel sauce, then topped with cheese. It’s delicious with chips and a salad. Bake instead of deep fry for a healthier option!


A quick trip into Wales on our way down to the South of England. We are spoilt for choice here with these British food choices, but we have narrowed our list down to two.


Called ‘Bara lawr’ in Welsh, Laverbread is something that more people have now heard of. Laverbread, is not actually a type of bread, but a dish made from edible seaweed that is boiled for a number of hours in a large pan. It is served as part of a Welsh breakfast with eggs, bacon and sometimes cockles.

Welsh Rarebit

Many people confuse a proper Welsh Rarebit with cheese on toast, however the two dishes are really not the same. Welsh Rarebit is created by making a cheese sauce with beer in a small saucepan, this is then spread on slices of toast popped on a baking tray and then popped under the grill until golden brown and bubbly. The dish was originally called Welsh Rabbit but over the years the name has changed as the dish contains no rabbit.

The Midlands

Next we’re visiting the Midlands. Whether in East or West, you’re guaranteed to find something delicious to try!

Brummie Bacon Cakes

Perfect for brunch with eggs, Brummie bacon cakes are similar to savoury scones. Flavoured with cheese and, of course, bacon, these tasty treats are sure to please!

Shropshire Fidget Pie

It may not be picnic season, but this ham, apple and potato pie will still go down a storm at tea time. Enjoy alone with a lemonade or glass of cider!

Bakewell Tart

No celebration of Midlands’ recipes would be complete without the ever-delightful Bakewell tart. This classic British dessert tops buttery pastry with thick jam and delicious, nutty frangipane. It’s delicious warm or chilled; we love it with custard, ice cream or pouring cream with a cup of tea or creamy coffee!

Greater London

These delicious meals are the best of the Capital:

Fish and Chips

Good Friday fish and chips

Though debate rages over whether this iconic British meal were invented in Lancashire or London, it is said the first fish and chips shop was opened in London in the 1860s by Jewish immigrant Joseph Malin. We think fish and chips from the chippie is almost unbeatable, but there are plenty of delicious recipes to make it at home, including this one. Serve with tartar sauce, mushy peas or curry sauce!

Pie, Mash and Liquor

A London staple for centuries, pie and mash with a side of jellied eels became a popular choice in the area because they were the only fish that could survive in the River Thames. The oldest pie shop in London has been serving this delicacy since 1891. The dish can be recreated in the home, or heat up a good quality pie and jellied eels purchased from one of the many pie shops and adding homemade mashed potato, made with plenty of butter and mashed with a potato masher until smooth.

Scotch Eggs

No, this isn’t an error. Despite the name, legend has it that Scotch Eggs were invented in 1738 by London department store Fortnum & Mason as a hearty snack for wealthy travellers. Recreate this British favourite with this easy recipe.

South East England

For this region, we have two classic British desserts you’ll be sure to love.

Banoffee Pie

This dessert of cream, toffee and bananas on a pastry or biscuit base, was invented in 1970s East Sussex and has become a worldwide favourite. We love this recipe from Carnation – it’s easy to make, and tastes amazing, complete with chocolate shavings!

Slice of banoffee pie on plate

Eton Mess

This traditional dessert combines strawberries, whipped cream and meringue. It is thought to have been invented in Eton College, hence the name. It is simply delicious after dinner. Make an easy version using ready-made meringues, or try this out if you want to make your own!

South West England

The final stops on our whirlwind culinary tour of Britain is the South West, where you will find a very diverse range of regional British food recipes to choose from.

Cornish Pasties

It wouldn’t be right to speak about iconic South Western foods without speaking about the ever-delightful Cornish Pasties. Associated with 19th and 18th century miners, these delicious steak, potato and swede filled-pastries are best enjoyed for lunch. You could even have them for supper with a light side salad.

Stargazey Pie

This Cornish pie consists of fish (herring, mackerel or pilchards), eggs, and potatoes baked under a pastry crust. The name comes from the fact that the fishes position in the pie. Fish heads protrude through the crust so that they appear to be looking at the stars.

Cream Tea

Cream tea - scones with clotted cream and jam

Enjoyed by us since the 11th century, this British staple is beloved all over the country. All you need is tea, scones (plain or currants are both delicious), clotted cream and jam. There is a longstanding debate between Devonshire and Cornish natives over what goes first on the scone. In Devon it’s clotted cream then jam, whilst in Cornwall, jam goes first then clotted cream. Apparently the Queen uses the Cornish method, but how do you eat yours? Either way it’s delicious!

These are just some of the huge range of regional British food recipes that you will find in the UK. The big question is how many have you tried before. How many new recipes will you try during British Food Fortnight?

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