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40 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Today (17th February) is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and we can see why it’s grown in popularity. Being the recipient of random acts of kindness gives a wonderful feeling and being the person who instigates the act also benefits from feeling they’ve done something kind for someone special. If you’re struggling for ideas on how you can get involved, why not try one of these 40 ideas?

1) Plant a tree!

Planting a tree is a random act of kindness that benefits the whole planet, including your local community, and the environment.

2) Reply to a social media post you enjoyed

When you read something you like, don’t just hit the like button, leave a comment too.

3) Pay it forward

With lockdown making people feel a bit distant, if someone has made you feel good, pay it forward and show others kindness to spread love and not show someone you’ve not seen that you care and surprise them with a takeaway or treat?

4) Join an online forum

Get involved with an online community and contribute your opinion and skills. Someone will find them useful.

5) Support an amateur author

With lots of self-published talent on platforms like Amazon, why not buy a story for your kindle for as little as a pound? If you love the story, leave a positive review and share with your friends.

6) Say hello to someone

We don’t often communicate with people outside of work and social bubbles. A friendly hello to someone can make someone’s day.

7) Eat local

Local businesses are really struggling with lockdown restrictions, so order a takeout from a local restaurant to enjoy with family.

8) Shop local

Independent high street shops can be a veritable feast of delights so check them out when they’re open.

9) Leave positive notes

Around the home for your children or partner to find, or send a positive text to your work colleagues who you might not have seen in a while.

10) Phone someone

Get in touch with someone you’ve not spoken to in a while and spend time catching up.

11) Write a letter to a friend

It’s a dying art so revive it by writing a lovely letter to someone you know.

12) Write a letter to a resident of a local care home

Loneliness is a national issue, so why not make a difference by writing to a local care home resident. They will really appreciate it.

13) Leave a positive review for a local business

Every business needs reviews to grow and gain new customers, so leave a positive review. It could make a real difference.

14) Send an encouraging email

Being encouraged or recognised for the good stuff that you do is always heart-warming. Turn the tables and you be the one to send an encouraging email.

15) Put out your neighbours’ recycling

It’s not a weekly task that anyone enjoys so imagine looking out to find your recycling is ready for collection at the kerbside!

16) Ditch plastic

Everyone is positively affected by this. Buy fruit and veggies lose from a local greengrocer and ditch one-use plastic for reusable containers.

17) Cook a meal

Drop round a portion* to someone local who is on their own or to elderly neighbours.

18) Bake bread

There is nothing like the smell and taste of freshly baked bread, so bake it and share it with your family

19) Leave a tip

Not always commonplace in British restaurants and pubs but the next time you’re able to eat out, leave a generous tip (or tip a delivery driver).

20) Make a handmade card

Gift it to a friend or neighbour with a lovely message to lighten their day.

21) Donate to a food bank

Food banks are always on the lookout for items, so rather than wasting surplus food or canned goods, drop them off to a food bank and help others who truly need it.

22) Make a list of things you adore about a friend

Send it to them in a message to brighten their day!

23) Pick up litter

Take a walk through your local park or on the beach and pick up litter, placing it in the bin.

24) Learn to say hello in different languages

We are a multicultural planet, so why stick to one language?

25) Donate clothes

Whilst Covid means many charity shops are not taking in donations, why not

26) Participate in a fundraiser

Being part of a fundraising event is a great way to spend time and is also good for the soul!

27) Help with homeschooling

Offer to Zoom teach someone’s children for an hour or two so they can have some free time.

28) Volunteer

A great way of paying it forward, volunteering can be an occasional activity or something you do regularly.

29) Have a day of gratitude

Although things are tough at the minute, taking time to be grateful for the things that are good will help you cope in these uncertain times.

30) Send a care package

To a friend or a family member, whether it’s a scented candle, a heated blanket or their favourite biscuits, they’re sure to love it.

31) Plan a surprise party

It doesn’t have to be anyone’s birthday to have a celebration, throw a surprise zoom party and just enjoy a few hours of fun!

32) Be a mentor

Helping someone overcome hurdles in their life is worthy of your time so be a mentor to a young person or someone who needs your help and expertise.

33) Reminisce with grandparents

Family history can easily get lost when we lose the older generations so spend time reminiscing about things gone past with your elderly loved ones.

34) Return someone’s trolley to the trolley park

There’s nothing worse than free-wheeling trollies in supermarket car parks so take someone else’s as well as your own.

35) Take time to appreciate the sunrise and sunset

Random acts of kindness don’t have to benefit other people, they can benefit you too. Rise early to watch the sunrise and enjoy the sun as it slowly sets too.

36) Offer compliments

If you don’t want to compliment a stranger (some people find it patronising) then offer one to someone you know such as a work colleague or friend.

37) Wash your neighbour’s car

Who wouldn’t want their car washed and sparkling clean?

38) Give a family member a spa treatment

A facial or nail treatment will have your family member feeling fabulous, so take the time to turn your home into a 5-star spa!

39) Give Blood

Blood donation centres are still keen for people to keep donating blood, just make sure before you do so you’ve followed all procedures kept in place for the pandemic.

40) Leave a secret gift on their doorstep

Know someone who could do with a boost? Why not leave an anonymous gift on their doorstep – anything from a comfy pair of socks to a bar of chocolate will do!

*While not all of these will be achievable with the current restrictions, why not choose to keep doing random acts of kindness throughout the year and make this a whole year of kindness.

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