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21 Home Office Decoration Ideas

The coronavirus pandemic marked a turning point for most office workers, with many companies turning to remote working. Setting up a cosy working space is essential to help concentration and boost productivity. Let these 21 home office decoration ideas inspire you.

Office decoration ideas - desk with pink, white and gold accessories and plants.

1. Display Vibrant Accessories

Your home office may not be huge, but you can liven up even the tiniest space with colourful accessories. For instance, a couple of fruit cranes painted in bold shades can max up storage space. Paper garlands in bright hues can also add some liveliness – they’re easy to make and you can even ask the kids to help you.

2. Add Some Greenery

Desk adorned with pink and white accessories and plants

Interior plants make it easy to decorate your home office without breaking the bank. Based on the size of your space, you can opt for a large potted plant in a corner or some succulents on your desk. You can also take advantage of the windowsill and embellish it with some greenery.

3. Colourful Area Rug

An area rug can add a cosy vibe to your workspace whilst also helping you delimit spaces if you’ve set up your home office in the living room.

4. Go for Chalkboard Paint

Peg boards and post-it notes are staples in most offices, but there are other creative ways to write down notes. For instance, if your desk faces a wall, you could paint it with chalkboard paint and draw a calendar or organiser on it with white and coloured chalk – a refillable painting roll can make it a mess-free affair to upgrade your wall.

5. Hang a Gallery Wall

Another office decoration idea is to add personality to a wall – especially if your desk is facing it – with art or family pictures, or both combined. To boost productivity, hang prints or pictures in bright colours of blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple – a few shades that can increase concentration and intellectual stimulation.

6. Install a Drop-Front Desk

Short on space? A wall-mounted drop-front desk is compact enough to set up pretty much anywhere, even in a studio flat. The shelves inside make it easy to keep your office supplies tidy and organised; a print on the back of the desk board can turn it into wall décor when not in use.

7. Mix Patterns

Office desk adorned with pink flowers and  monochrome lamp

Mixing patterns is an office decoration idea that works in most rooms, including living room and bedroom. Whilst your office décor might be much more minimalist, you can hang curtains with a floral pattern, for instance, and pair them with an area rug with a geometric design.

8. Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Speaking about curtains, one thing to keep in mind is that light should flood your home office at all times. So, choose thin curtains that let plenty of light to pass through, or ditch them altogether and use window frosting film for privacy. There are plenty of options on the market, including non-adhesive films that are easy to apply, easy to remove, and cheap to buy.

9. Consider a Floating Desk

Another space-saving idea is building a floating desk. All you need is a larger shelf mounted on an empty wall. When you’re not working, simply stow away your laptop to turn the desk into a shelf – vases and books will give your room a flawless look whenever you have guests.

10. Add Space with Shelves

Shelves can be used for much more than creating a floating desk. Mount a shelf or two on the wall in front of your desk to add storage space. Wire or wicker baskets and magazine files can help you organise all your papers and office supplies.

11. Optimise Your Space

No home office? No problem. You can simply optimise your living room space. Use a table as workstation, but don’t keep anything on it other than essential items you need to carry out the current task. An ottoman or sofa with storage gives you the right space to keep all other projects and supplies organised, instead of cluttered on the table.

12. Use Modular Shelves

Modular home office storage comes with a wealth of advantages. The biggest? You can arrange shelves in any way you see fit, add peg boards for a planner and notes, and change the shelving configuration anytime you want.

13. Add Metallic Accents

Desk with gold lamp

For a modern décor, opt for a neutral wall colour, minimalist furniture, and add some metal accents. For instance, you could get a metal desk lamp and hang an oversized, steampunk style clock on the wall.

14. Cupboard Home Office

If you’ve only started to work from home recently and don’t really have the space to set up a proper home office, consider a micro office instead. You can build one in even the tiniest cupboard, with a drop-front desk, a tiny chest of drawers and some shelves. And the best part? Once you close the cupboard door nobody will know it hides a home office.

15. Build a Compact Ladder Desk

Great for small flats with little to no available space, a compact ladder desk has a super-small footprint and finds its place in a corner. Storage shelves above the ladder help you keep your work area organised. These desks are inexpensive and readily available on the market or, if you’re skilled enough, you can repurpose a ladder and build it yourself.

16. Creative Home Office Storage

Paper, stationery, and a wealth of items are present in any office, no matter how paperless you are. To avoid clutter whilst also decorating your space, opt for creative storage solutions. For instance, a desktop organiser unit made of bamboo fits wonderfully in a minimalist office. Wicker baskets integrate seamlessly in a shabby chic design. Metal carts work well in modern or industrial interiors, and the ideas could go on and on.

17. Maximise Vertical Space

Since most home offices are small, you should take advantage of any available space to maximise storage and ease up organisation. Installing shelves above the desk is the easiest office decoration to do. Then, bring in some homey vibes with pictures, colourful prints, or decorative items.

18. Bring Cosiness into Your Space

A home office may be designed for work purposes, but that doesn’t mean it has to lack personality. Breaks throughout the day are necessary, so setting up a cosy reading nook in a corner won’t do any harm. If your office is really tiny, throw blankets and cushions and a couple of colourful mood lights can bring in a cosy vibe.

19. Consider a Standing Desk

Sitting all day can have negative effects on your health, but an adjustable standing desk can change the game. Pair it with a standing desk mat for unrivalled comfort and use an ergonomic office chair to reduce muscle strains and prevent lower back pain.

20. Give Yourself a View

Setting your desk in front of a window makes it easy to maximise floor space in your room whilst also giving you a view. The changing view outside could prove to be more inspirational than facing a wall, helping your brain take a break between tasks. Facing a window can also make you feel less constricted, so you should consider this furniture placement in a tiny room.

21. Play with Decorative Items

Desk with pink accessories

Put the “home” in your home office with decorative items, such as oversized wall art, framed pictures on your desk, and any other items that bring you joy when you look at them. Feeling comfortable in your office is essential to increase concentration and productivity, whilst also making your space look fantastic.

So, what do you say? How would you decorate your home office? If you need more office decoration ideas or design help for other rooms, check out these easy ways to decorate your home.

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