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Garden Ideas: 21 Decoration and Design Tips

With summer just around the corner, it’s about time to think about moving lounging and dining outdoors. The first step is a solid garden decoration plan. Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank. Here are 21 awesome garden ideas and design tips to get you inspired.

Garden ideas - woman in garden touching lavender flowers

1. Shape Up Your Lawn

One of the simplest ways to give your garden a new lease of life is by giving your lawn a defined shape. Be it a circle or a rectangle, cutting away the excess grass is easy and won’t take more than an afternoon to complete. Use pavers or bricks to decorate the edges and decide whether you should embellish your green with a flowerbed.

2. Use Patio Containers

Not enough space to grow flowers in your garden? Plant them in patio containers. Not only will you be able to add some colour with beautiful blooms, but you can also play with various container sizes and heights to create unique arrangements. For a magazine cover-worthy garden, mix a few colourful perennials with pot-sized evergreens and decorative grasses.

3. Upgrade Your Fence

DIY garden ideas are easy to implement even if you don’t have excessive creative talent. For instance, you can upgrade your fence easily with a new coat of paint. The secret to applying a uniform layer is using a paint spray gun, although a non-drip paint roller can also deliver exceptional results. As for the colours, you could use Pantone’s yellow and grey colours of the year to stay in trend.

4. Upcycle Old Wooden Pallets

Garden furniture is expensive, but you don’t have to break the bank. Upcycling some wooden pallets is budget-friendly and oh-so-satisfying. There are many ways to reuse pallets. For instance, four caster wheels and a glass panel make it easy to transform a pallet into a tea table. Wooden pallets are also easy to transform into garden sofas and chairs – no carpentry skills needed. If you have carpentry skills, however, why not use some wooden pallets to make a potting table or a pallet garden bar.

5. Display Plant pots Imaginatively

When the ground is not enough, you can create vertical displays with plant pots of various sizes. For example, you can place flower pots on an old ladder or in a wheelbarrow. Your fence can hold smaller pots with herbs, or you could even repurpose an old chest of drawers and turn it into a makeshift pot holder.

6. Bring The Indoors Out

Area rugs make it easy to decorate your living room, but who said you couldn’t use them outdoors, too? The same goes for ottomans and accent chairs. Just make sure the fabrics are UV and water-resistant.

7. Add Some Colour

Red and orange tulips in a garden

There are many garden ideas you can use to add a splash of colour to your outdoors. Oversized throw blankets and pillows add colour and cosiness at the same time. Blooms can brighten up your garden whilst also attracting bees and butterflies. Colourful containers are easy to mix and match, and we could go on and on.

8. Install A Makeshift Bar

A bar cart is one of the most versatile pieces you can use to decorate your home and garden alike. You can use it in the garden to create a party corner or add some fun to your lounging area.

9. Turn Your Shed Into a Dining Room

If you have a shed you’re using to store useless objects, it could be a good idea to get rid of the clutter and turn the shed into a dining room. Depending on your preference, you can paint the walls in a distressed white or light grey to create a shabby chic effect or leave them bare if you aim for a country design.

10. Add Mood Lights

One of the easiest ways to turn your outdoors into a cosy lounging space is by adding some solar mood lights. You can either hang a string of colourful light bulbs or turn a mason jar or glass jug into a DIY outdoor lamp.

11. Start A Square Foot Garden

Growing herbs in your kitchen is a nice decorating idea for the colder season, but you can decorate your outdoors with a square foot garden in spring and summer. Essentially a 3 by 3 feet raised bed, this vegetable garden model gives you the possibility to grow plenty of edibles in a small space. Not to mention that it looks absolutely gorgeous.

12. Welcome Birds

Closeup of Robin bird

Birds and insects can bring vitality to any outdoor space, but attracting them to your garden can be challenging. One of the easiest ways is by setting up a bird feeder. Instead of buying one, however, you could build one yourself – perhaps with the kids’ help. There are many things you could use, from an old teacup to citrus rinds or even creative bird feeders made out of Lego.

13. Build A Fire Pit

Do you want to enjoy your garden on the chill evenings or days? Build a fire pit. Use curved pavers for a traditional design or an oversized concrete bowl and landscaping stones for a contemporary approach. An unused metal planter and heat-resistant glass panels are also easy to transform into a fire pit. No matter what style you choose, rest assured it will bring much-needed cosiness to your space.

14. Use Landscaping Materials Wisely

Many garden ideas involve cheap landscaping materials mixed and matched to create beautiful decors. For instance, you could pair a timber deck with teak or bamboo covering for a lovely island-like effect or use gravel and larger rocks to decorate flowerbeds.

15. Create Wall Art with Framed Plants

Gallery walls look amazing indoors, but who says you can’t bring them outdoors, too? Instead of family pictures, turn some potted succulents into original wall art. You can hang the small pots directly on the wall and frame them with wooden or porcelain frames. Alternatively, you could try moss graffiti.

16. Add Instant Colour With Perennials

Daisies in garden

If you’re craving a traditional, cosy garden, stick to classic ideas like planting flowers. Perennials, such as lily of the valley, monkshood, Echinacea, daisies, and lady’s mantle, not only thrive in the cooler British climate but can also attract wildlife to your garden.

17. Create A Cosy Lounging Space

Whether it’s a reading nook or a garden tea house set up in a shed, a cosy lounging space will give new meaning to spending time outdoors. A few essential elements include comfortable seating, a sunshade, and a side table for drinks, snacks, and accessories.

18. Repurpose A Bird Bath

Bird baths used for their intended purpose can decorate your garden on their own, but a bit of creativity can do no harm. You only need a few floating candles and some flower petals to turn a bird bath into a romantic evening or outdoor party décor.

19. Recycle Your Plastic Bottles

Planters and containers can be expensive, especially if you want to set up a nursery for veggies or blooms. However, we have a budget- and eco-friendly solution for you – use plastic bottles as planters. Simply cut them in half and fill the bottom part with soil. Add your favourite seeds and water regularly to see your plants grow.

20. Craft A Magical Fairy Garden

A magical fairy garden is one of those garden ideas you can implement with the kids. You’ll need a larger container (a bowl you don’t use anymore makes for a great alternative), some gravel and decorative rocks, and a few small perennials. Additional elements can include anything you want to add to the garden, from porcelain figurines and garden gnomes to a tiny dollhouse.

21. DIY Stepping Stones

Summertime is synonymous with endless BBQ parties in the backyard, but your lawn might not be very happy about it. Instead of trampling it, lead the way to the grill with stencilled stepping stones. Simply download a design and make the stencils yourself, then paint the pattern on concrete pavers using waterproof paint. Top with a layer of transparent lacquer or concrete sealant, and you’re good to go.

So, what do you say? Which garden ideas are you going to try? Are you going to decorate your garden alone or upgrade your interior, too? If you need inspiration, check out these ideas to decorate your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

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