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21 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, but you don’t have to revamp your whole home or drop loads of cash into renovating. Sometimes, small changes to your interior décor can bring the fresh touch you’ve been craving. We already showed you some awesome ways to decorate your home, but what if you only want to decorate your bedroom? Here are 21 inspiring bedroom decorating ideas that are easy to craft, cheap to implement and look amazing.

Bedroom decorating ideas - blue and white bedroom

1. Reposition your bed

Redecorating your bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, something as little as shuffling your furniture around can freshen up the entire room. If you have built-in wardrobes, simply reposition the bed and get new sheets. This is one of the cheapest and most effective bedroom decorating ideas you can implement!

2. Create a gallery wall

The bedroom is probably the most personal room in your home, so don’t decorate its walls with impersonal wall art. Instead, make a gallery wall out of framed pictures. You can either use minimalist frames or recycle any old frames you or your family don’t use anymore.

3. Paint a feature wall

Painting the whole bedroom may be costly and time-consuming, but painting just a feature wall is often an inexpensive affair. A paint magnet or magic paint tray and a refillable roller painting system make it easy to finish your task in a breeze. As for the paint, choose a strong, bright colour that matches or contrasts the existing décor.

4. Replace your nightstand with a console table

A short console table – the kind you may use for a large TV – makes for a great nightstand replacement, doubling storage room and helping you create a nightstand and vanity in one in a small bedroom.

5. Swap out your curtains

Window treatments are very easy and inexpensive to replace, so why don’t you swap out your curtains if you want to give your bedroom a new lease of life? White organza curtains look luxurious and are a perfect choice for spring and summer. Or you could repurpose some of your old bed sheets to make one-of-a-kind curtains for your bedroom windows.

6. Change the lighting

Tired of those old nightstand lamps? Bring modernity into your bedroom with colour changing lights such as Mood Magic. These lights are easy to stick on any smooth surface and are fully battery-operated, so you won’t have any annoying cables stretching around the room.

7. Make storage crates

Don’t have a big wardrobe or enough storage? Ditch the nightstands altogether and replace them with some DIY storage crates arranged one on top of the other.

8. Add cosiness with throw cushions

Throw cushions and pillows are some of the easiest bedroom decorating ideas to add cosiness to a bedroom. Use square pillows similar in size and monochromatic covers for a luxury effect, or go all wild with different size cushions and multicolour covers for a pinch of originality or a bohemian-chic finish.

White bed with decorative cushions of different patterns

9. Tapestries instead of a headboard

If you like the bohemian style, you could also remove the headboard and use tapestries instead. Multicolour tapestries decorated with oriental motifs pair beautifully with colourful pillows and throw blankets, bringing happiness into your bedroom.

10. Minimise your wardrobe

Wardrobes take up most of the space in your bedroom? More often than not, large wardrobes are filled with lots of things we never touch, including those pairs of jeans or jumpers you keep just because they may fit again someday. So, why don’t you donate or bin everything that you don’t use and replace the bulky wardrobes with a minimalist clothes rack? You’ll not only clear floor space, but you’ll also get rid of unnecessary clutter.

11. Revamp your furniture with wallpaper

Colourful wallpaper applied to the inside of your drawers or sides of your bedside tables, and dresser can give old furniture a new lease of life.

12. Set up a reading nook

If you have enough space in your bedroom, add a cosy armchair, ottoman, and side table to a corner and set yourself up a cosy reading nook.

13. Bring in some floating shelves

Floating shelves take up very little space but can make it a lot easier to keep your bedroom tidy. All you need is a couple of wooden boards and some hardware to install them.

Better Sleep - Blue and white bed scattered with neutral knitted and teal cushions

14. Get some fun bedding

For the most effective bedroom decorating ideas, beauty is in the details, and in the bedroom, the details are often your bedding. If you can’t remember when you bought new sheets for the last time, chances are new, colourful bedding can truly make a difference. For a touch of originality, opt for seaside stripes, tartan patterns, or watercolour designs.

15. Light up the room with mirrors

Waking up in a too-dark bedroom can easily ruin the mood. Luckily, you can brighten up the room with mirrors. A large mirror placed in front of the window adds volume and enhances the amount of natural light. Alternatively, arrange multiple smaller mirrors on your vanity.

16. Change your dresser knobs

Easy, inexpensive, but highly effective, changing your dresser and nightstand knobs with new ones can truly make a difference.

17. Unclutter your vanity

A cluttered bedroom can make you feel uneasy, but sometimes all it takes is uncluttering and tidying up to bring back the original allure. Start from your vanity, the place that most likely gathers clutter. A few DIY containers made out of painted cans or mason jars are perfect for organising your makeup brushes and skincare products.

Closeup of decorative candles

18. Include a day bed into your bedroom

A lovely idea for a bigger bedroom is to add a day bed instead of armchairs. You’ll get a cosier sitting area and a perfect place for the afternoon nap.

19. Add some rugs

You may have carpeted floors, but rugs add a new dimension and cosiness to the environment. Opt for fluffy rugs that feel soft under your toes.

20. Play with patterns

Turning back to bedding, you can make your bedroom look like a Ritz-Carlton room by simply playing with colours and patterns. For instance, you can pair chevron or polka dots sheets with pillowcases in solid colours and a flowery throw blanket for an elegant, chic effect.

 21. Upgrade your existing furniture

New furniture is expensive, but a can of chalk paint and some paintbrushes require minimal investment. Paint your nightstands and dresser in a new shade, then change the lamps with Mood Magic candles. An easy way to decorate your bedroom and give your home a new lease of life.

With these tricks, treating your bedroom to a fresh look without breaking the bank is easy. How will you decorate yours?

Photos by Devon Janse van Rensburg and Greg Rivers on Unsplash

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