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21 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom renovations can be costly, but good style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. A few small upgrades can give a new lease of life to your space and make your bathroom look like new. Check out these bathroom decorating ideas to get started.

Bathroom decorating idea - blue and white bathroom decorated with blue and pink candles and pink flowers

1. Add a Bathtub Shelf

Pink roll top bath with a bathtub shelf decorated with pink accessories.

Sometimes, even the smallest details can revamp a room. In the case of your bathroom, consider a bathtub shelf. Not only does it provide a useful place for the kids’ toys or your wine glass, but it adds supplementary bathroom storage for toiletries and towels.

2. Skirted Sink

If you don’t have a cabinet under your bathroom sink, consider adding some shelves and a decorative fabric curtain below the sink to keep the contents out of view. You can use these shelves for storing cleaning essentials and other bathroom supplies.

3. Add a Garden Stool

Any bathroom needs a chair, but when you’re short on space, a garden stool can prove to be a multifunctional addition. You can use it as a side table when you’re bathing, as a vanity seat, or for storage purposes.

4. Get an Indoor Tree

Greenery can bring liveliness to any room, including your bathroom, but instead of smaller plants, make a statement with an indoor tree. This solution is perfect for small corners that don’t accommodate any storage or furniture.

5. Upgrade Lighting

Grey white and gold bathroom

One of the most effective bathroom decorating ideas is to refresh your lighting. An opulent chandelier or pendant lantern can give a cosy, country style vibe to your bathroom. Modern pendant lighting can add personality to an otherwise traditional interior, whilst vintage or exposed lighting could complement an industrial or shabby chic environment.

6. Upgrade the Cabinets

Tired of your bathroom cabinets? Replacing them could be an expensive affair, but all you need is a can of paint and a paint-spraying gun to give your cabinets a new lease of life. For a full bathroom decorating project, you could even replace the knobs and pulls – with just a little effort and minimal investment, your cabinets will look like new.

7. Repurposed Vanity

If you really want to replace the cabinets in your bathroom without breaking the bank, you could also repurpose an old cabinet you might want to remove from your bedroom or living room. Apply a light coat of paint with a roller to achieve a distressed effect and pair your new vanity with an oval mirror and a recycled chair for a full shabby chic effect.

8. Hang Wall Art

Wall art looks amazing in all rooms, including the bathroom. Depending on your interior, you could opt for vintage or floral prints, abstract patterns, or coastal designs. And prints are only the beginning. You can decorate your walls with hanging ropes, wooden wall art, and even wooden hooks for your towels and robes.

9. Add Glam Mirrors

White bathroom with gold mirrors and lighting

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but you don’t have to settle for an anonymous design. Hang an oversized mirror with an opulent frame above the sink or, if you usually share the bathroom with your partner in the morning, hang two separate mirrors so that you can both get ready at the same time. A feature wall with mirrors in various shapes and sizes can also add light and visually increase the space in a small bathroom.

10. Paint Everything in One Colour

For an elegant bathroom, choose a light colour and paint everything in your bathroom in it. Off whites and light blue or pink are your best choices, but you could also opt for sage, lavender, or yellow. Then, add some soft colours into the mix with decorations.

11. Get Polished Fixtures

White bathroom with gold taps

Upgrading an entire bathroom is expensive, but you can simply change the fixtures to renew the room. Polished fixture look amazing regardless of their finish. You can opt for silver tones if your bathroom is decorated in cold shades or copper for warmer tones. Brass and gold are two other finishes that can easily add elegance to the environment.

12. Choose a Wooden Bath Mat

Many people avoid fluffy rugs in bathrooms for hygiene purposes, so why not choose a wooden one instead? Wooden mats provide a non-slippery surface for you to step onto after a bath or shower and are less susceptible to bacteria.. You can get one in a natural colour, matching the bathroom walls or in a contrasting shade. Alongside it, you can also add a dirt-resistant shower mat in your tub or in the shower.

13. See-Through Storage

Bath bombs, salts, and scrubs are essential skincare products, but they also look good. As long as you keep them in a fancy, transparent containers, that is. For a cool effect, pour bath salts in transparent glass bottles and use mason jars for bath bombs. Decorate with bows and ribbons, and keep them all on a shelf above the bathtub to create a focal point.

14. Add Window Treatments

Curtains in the bathroom? Why not? Depending on your interior, you can treat your bathroom windows with anything from silk or jacquard curtains to bamboo blinds. Self-adhesive window films are a great choice to enhance privacy.

15. Lean a Ladder

Decorative ladder in rustic bathroom

Do you have a vintage ladder you’re not really using anymore? Instead of throwing it away, repurpose it for your bathroom décor. Simply lean it against the wall – a coat of chalky paint could restore its charm if needed – and use it as a towel support or to prop up a full-length mirror.

16. Pops of Colour

One of the most inexpensive, effective bathroom decorating tips is to introduce colour accents. Turn a handful of ceramic plates into original wall art and bring some colour into your bathroom. You can use some colourful plates you already have or buy a bunch in your favourite patterns. Hang them on the bathroom wall opposite to a mirror if possible. Complete the look with a ceramic soap dish and ceramic containers for other bathroom essentials.

17. Paint the Woodwork

For a bathroom designed to stand out, paint the moulding, bathroom door and cabinets in a colour contrasting with the walls and ceiling. For instance, navy or emerald green pair wonderfully with white or beige walls and ceilings. Or, if you’re truly bold, go for a black and white look.

18. Create an Accent Wall

Bathroom with colourful floral accent wall

Accent walls make it easy to create focal points in your spaces. In the bathroom, you can use a contrasting shade of paint, apply wallpaper in a bold pattern, or hang vintage wall art and signs. Let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to try unusual combinations. Bathroom aside, accent walls can also revamp your bedroom. Here are some ideas.

19. Bring in Spa Essentials

Treating yourself to a home spa session should be habit, not luxury. If your bathroom is large enough, save some space for a comfy chair or a foot spa. Add some incense sticks and essential oils, as well as mood lights for a seamless spa effect.

20. Add Some Storage Baskets

No matter how big or small your bathroom, storage baskets can add charm to your space whilst also helping you prevent clutter. You can pick from endless models available on the market or repurpose some crates.

21. Repurpose a Bar Cart

Another thing you can repurpose is a bar cart. Instead of keeping it in your living room, use it to hold the towels, skincare and cleaning products, as well as other essentials and bathroom accessories. Easy to move, it can also be used as a bath side table whenever you need it.

So, what do you say? Did these bathroom decorating ideas inspire you? How do you plan to decorate your bathroom? For more inspiration or ideas to decorate other rooms in your home, check out this article.

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