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10 Fun-packed Family Activities

Every May 15th the UN General Assembly marks International Day of Families, so what better way to celebrate than with some family activities your nearest and dearest are sure to enjoy. Explore from these ten ideas for a fun-packed day.

1. Go for a walk

The temperature’s rising, so take advantage of it with a walk. It’s free to do, keeps the family active and it can be fun! For younger ones, you could turn it into a game of I-spy, getting them to seek out different things by picking a letter. We also enjoy geo-caching! Alternatively, collect plants and flowers along the way and use them to create a nature-themed collage.

Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes.

2. Enjoy a picnic

Woman pouring drink for little girl at a picnic
Enjoy a lovely picnic with tasty treats

If you’re all walked out from our first idea, have a picnic in a local park to reward yourselves afterwards. Grab some snacks, drinks, games, and a portable, personal fan to keep you cool. For a real party vibe, charge up some portable speakers and set up a playlist on your phone!

3. Compete in a games day

Whether you prefer video games or prefer a traditional board game, you cannot deny just how fun a family games day is. For some friendly competition, play multiple games all day and set up a league table , rewarding the family member with the most points. Whoever has the most points could win a prize – or just have bragging rights!

4. Cook up a feast

Nurture your inner Mary Berry or Jamie Oliver and have a day of cooking together. Bake some tasty treats – how about cupcakes which each family member can decorate themselves? Or allocate a course to each family member, supervising younger ones with any sharp or hot surfaces.

5. Visit a gallery or a museum

Art gallery with lots of paintings on wall
Get your family’s creative juices flowing with a trip to a gallery

Get a bit of culture with a walk around a museum or art gallery. Plenty of them have low-cost or free entry. Be extra creative and pop some paper and crayons so your family can draw their favourite pieces, or bring a tablet and stylus to create some fabulous digital art.

6. Have a movie day

As family activities go, a trip to the cinema can cost a small fortune by the time you’ve bought drinks and snacks!

Save yourself a pretty penny and get your own fave foods and drinks, pop on a set of films (many streaming services get the very latest releases) and enjoy a more comfy, much cheaper cinema experience.

7. It’s BBQ time!

Whatever the weather, Brits cannot resist a tasty BBQ. Enjoy a whole host of delish BBQ recipes and if it’s chilly, keep warm with a weatherproof heater.

8. Visit the seaside

Deck chairs and a sseagull on a British pebble beach
Fresh sea air is good for the soul

Go for a paddle in the sea or have a snooze on the beach, breathing in some fresh sea air. If there’s an arcade be sure to visit that, or enjoy a seafood supper.

9. Be a tourist

Even when we live somewhere, we rarely properly explore it. Why not grab a family bus pass and explore some of your local town or city’s best-loved tournaments.

10. Create a family scrapbook

One of the most wholesome family activities is creating a family scrapbook. Fill it with drawings, family photos, flower pressings, ticket stubs from events you’ve been…anything that evokes a fabulous memory!

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