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  1. Clever Cane

    Clever Cane

    Stable, self-supporting cane with extra stability and security.
  2. Battery Master

    Battery Master

    The battery organiser, storage unit and test station
  3. Arctic Air

    Arctic Air

    Arctic Air – Portable Personal Space Air Cooler and Humidifier
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  4. Caboost


    Compact inflatable child's car booster seat
  5. Luma Lights

    Luma Lights

    Motion-activated portable 360° lights
  6. Disco Drone LED Copter

    Disco Drone LED Copter

    The hovering, floating LED light-up ball
  7. Tablethookz


    Universal travel holder for tablets and phones
  8. Handy Heater

    Handy Heater

    The compact, take-anywhere, plug-in personal heater
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  9. Hurricane Fur Wizard

    Hurricane Fur Wizard

    Extra-large, reusable lint brush with its own cleaning base
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  10. Clever Clutch

    Clever Clutch

    Clever Clutch gives you everything you want from a purse and whole lot more!
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  11. Boppin Bugz

    Boppin Bugz

    The crazy bug bopping game
    As low as £11.99
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  12. Dizzy Gels

    Dizzy Gels

    The fun, vibrating gel-pen for crazy, wriggly lines!
    As low as £14.99

71 Products

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