When it comes to storing things, vacuum-sealing is the way to go! Whether it’s luggage or leftovers, removing the air from fabrics and food can save you so much time, space and money. VacPack Go and VacPack Fresh are incredible, vacuum solutions that can reduce space taken up by clothes, bedding and luggage, as well as preserving food in your fridge or freezer! Why buy extra luggage and dedicate precious storage space when you can just put three times more stuff in the room you've already got! And that’s not all. With VacPack Fresh you can vacuum-seal food and leftovers for batch-cooking and food preservation that will stop you wasting food and save you money! Both VacPack systems include a hand-held portable vacuum compressor so you can seal and store wherever you go! PLUS, get next working day delivery if you order by 2:30pm and delivery is free if you spend over £45.

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    VacPack Bumper TV Offer

    Portable vacuum storage system that reduces luggage by half!
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