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  1. Safe & Healthy UV Wand
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    Safe & Healthy UV Wand

    Portable, UVC light kills germs and bacteria without chemicals or cleaners
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  2. Uv Vac New

    Uv Vac New

    Allergens, bed bugs, dust mite, bacteria and virus killer
  3. Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Mighty Bamboo Cloths

    Super-absorbent reusable and naturally antibacterial bamboo fibre kitchen cloths
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  4. Bambillo 8-in-1 pillow
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    Bambillo 8-in-1 pillow

    Adjustable 8-in-1 pillow with naturally antibacterial bamboo-rich fabric
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  5. Chillmax Air

    Chillmax Air

    Personal space air cooler and humidifier
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5 Products

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