Whizz Mop: Microfibre Spinning Mop, Bucket, Heads & Mitt (7 pieces)

Product Code: w02bo40100001001

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SAVE ALMOST 6 when you buy Whizz Mop and 4 x Replacement Heads.

Whizz Mop

Get a dazzling floor finish with Whizz Mop, a revolutionary new force in home cleaning. Whizz Mop's 360 degree spinning head glides across floors, helping you clean right up against walls and all the way into corners. The head is made with microfibre, which locks- in dust and dirt and is 6x more absorbent than an average mop head.

But the best thing about Whizz Mop is the bucket's in-built spinner. Tap the pedal and the 600 rpm spinner whizzes out excess water in the mop, so you can clean floors without drips or puddles! Mop head replacement is simple: just tap the foot activated system and put in your washing machine to clean. For fast, flawless cleaning and spotless floors, let Whizz Mop put a new spin on your cleaning routine.

FREE Microfibre Super Mitt with every Whizz Mop.

Whizz Mop Refill
Changing the head of your Whizz Mop could't be easier, allowing you to get on with the cleaning job at hand. Just step on the mop head fibres, with your foot at the edge of the green disc, and turn the handle so the screw joint is at a right angle to your foot. Then push the handle away from you to disconnect it from the mop head. Place the handle over the new mop head and push down until you hear a click. Simple!