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Shark Water Filter Bottle

Product Code: s06wb30100000001

RRP £14.99


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Suitable With:

* Shark Lift-Away Steam Pocket 5 in 1
* Shark Professional Slim Pocket Mop
* Shark Sonic Steam Pocket Mop
* Shark Steam Pocket Mop
* Shark Portable Pocket SC660
* Shark Original Steam Mop
* Shark Portable Pocket SC630
* Shark Vac then Steam
* Shark Steam Lite Mop

This filter bottle helps to prevent the build- up of limescale that could reduce the efficiency of your Shark Steam Mop. It reduces water hardness by 80% and also works great for your iron too.

The cap is filled with special carbon granules that filter up to 80% of the hardness out of the water immediately as you squeeze it through the filter.

Simply unscrew the cap, fill with tap water, screw the cap back on, turn upside down and place nozzle into water tank on your steam mop, and squeeze to fill.

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