Shark: Portable Hand-held Pocket Steam Cleaner (SC630)

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Now you can have the supreme cleaning power of Shark Steam Pocket in all areas of your home. The handy Shark Steam Pocket Portable lets you clean and sanitise work surfaces, sinks, baths, around bathroom furniture, cooker hoods, cupboards - even upholstery. The compact, lightweight design makes it the perfect cleaning companion.

Fill it up with cold tap water and Shark Steam Pocket converts the water into a powerful flow of steam that's released through the microfibre pocket.

Watch as the steam dissolves grease and grime to make cooker tops sparkle. Dirty soap scum is lifted from baths and basins with ease. Steam clean between window blinds to make them look like new. Use the different shaped pocket attachments to suit the area you're cleaning. The expert Shark Steam technology means the steam is at the perfect temperature to help sanitise your surfaces. Say goodbye to the nasty germs and bacteria gathered around your toilet - just steam them away!

When required, simply remove the microfibre pocket and put it in the washing machine.

Kit includes:

1 x Steam Bottle
1 x Extension Hose
1 x Wedge Cleaning Tool
1 x Cylinder Cleaning Tool
1 x Detail Cleaning Handle
2 x Detail Brush Accessories
1 x Garment Steamer Diffuser
1 x Garment Brush Attachment
1 x Garment Steamer Bonnet
1 x Shower Door Squeegee Attachment
1 x Filling Flask
1 x Direct Steam Nozzle
1 x All-Purpose Wedge Cleaning Pockets
1 x All-Purpose Cylinder Cleaning Pockets
1 x Steam Duster Cylinder Cleaning Pocket
1 x Scrubbing Wedge Pocket
1 x Nozzle Cleaner

Accessories Available for Shark Steam Pocket Portable:

* 2 Steam Duster Cylinder Pockets
* 1 Squeegee Wedge & 1 Microfibre Cylinder
* 3 All Purpose Cylinder Pockets
* Shark Water Filter Bottle
* 2 Microfibre Wedge Pockets
* 3 Grey Scrubbers