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Whizz Mop Bumper Offer

Product Code: w02bo30100001001

RRP £49.99


SAVE ALMOST £12 when you buy this bumper offer.

This bumper cleaning set includes:
1 x Whizz Mop
2 x Extra Whizz Mop Replacement Heads
4 x 8 oz bottles of Stainz R Out

Whizz Mop
The super-large, 360 degree rotating mop head allows you to cover more surface area and reach those difficult corners with ease. Safe on all types of hard flooring, Whizz Mop soaks up big spills and shifts stubborn scuff marks in seconds. When used dry, it attracts dust and dirt particles like a magnet, manoeuvring effortlessly around and under furniture.
The mop-bucket has a specially designed pedal-operated spin system, which uses centrifugal force to whizz out all the excess water - so your floors can dry faster and without drips or streaks. Mop head replacement is simple: just tap the foot activated system and put in your washing machine to clean. For fast, flawless cleaning and spotless floors, Whizz Mop will put a new spin on your housework.

Whizz Mop Replacement Heads
Change your Whizz Mop's head in a jiffy
Changing the head of your Whizz Mop couldn't be easier, allowing you to get on with the cleaning job at hand. Just step on the mop head fibres, with your foot at the edge of the green disc, and turn the handle so the screw joint is at a right angle to your foot. Then push the handle away from you to disconnect it from the mop head. Place the handle over the new mop head and push down until you hear a click. Simple!

Stainz R Out
One cleaner for any stain - finally! Tested and proven by an independent laboratory. Stainz R Out works perfectly on laundry stains, it is colour safe and fabric friendly and will work perfectly on leather, silk, cotton and even wool. Stainz R Out truly is A product that can be diluted and used every day for around the house cleaning. Your house and clothes will be stain free, even motor oil poses no challenge.

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