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Mantis: Car Cleaning & Scratch Removal Kit (4 pieces)

Product Code: m09bp80100000001

RRP £19.99



Mantis® Instant Shine

  • No water needed
  • Cuts through dirt and grime
  • Gives a professional, high gloss finish
  • Silicone enhancer prevents scratching
  • Gloss boosting agent increases water repellency

Mantis® Scratch Remover
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Works on any vehicle colour
  • Removes blemishes and scratches
  • Great value for money, saves having to spend money on a re- spray

Mantis® Microfibre Towels - each pack contains 2 different Microfibre Towels:
  • Mantis® Applicator Towel - perfect for lifting away dirt and grime from paintwork.
  • Mantis® Polishing Towel - ideal for buffing paintwork to a super-shine finish.

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