Mantis: Car Cleaning & Scratch Removal Kit (4 pieces)

Product Code: m09bp80100000001

Price £19.99


SAVE ALMOST £5 when you buy Mantis® Instant Shine, Mantis® Scratch Remover and Mantis® Microfibre Towels.

Mantis® Instant Shine
For a professional ‘wet-look’ high gloss finish for your car or motorcycle – Mantis® Instant Shine is the answer. This revolutionary waterless cleaner will cut through dirt and grime to give you an ultimate shine in minutes. It gently lifts impurities from the bodywork, and then wipes off to reveal a professional, showroom quality gleam. Powerful enough to break down dust and dirt from your alloys, it will also leave your wheels shining like new.

This unique waterless formula contains silicone enhancer to prevent scratching and a gloss boosting agent to increase water repellency. This product will change the way you clean your vehicle and give you an unbelievable sheen.

Mantis® Scratch Remover
Mantis® Scratch Remover is specially designed to restore and protect any vehicle’s paintwork. It eliminates surface scratches, marks and blemishes to give a perfect professional finish and its safe, non-abrasive formula is ideal for cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans and much more.

Mantis® Scratch Remover can also be used on paintwork, metal, laminated wood and plastics for instant, immaculate results.

Mantis® Microfibre Towels
Premium quality Mantis® Microfibre Towels are high performance car care essentials.

Designed to be used with Mantis® Instant Shine, the extra large towels are the ultimate tool for achieving a high- gloss, professional sheen.

For effortless car care with impressive, showroom quality results – Mantis® Microfibre Towels are a must.