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Mantis Microfibre Mitt

Product Code: m09mm80100000001

RRP £6.99


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The Mantis Microfibre Mitt is a professional car care accessory that will give your bodywork a high performance finish! The unique microfibre weave lifts dust and dirt like a magnet, giving your car a superior clean, without any swirls or scratches! And with its long chenille fibre stems, you can clean all your car's intricate, hard to reach areas.

The Mitt is flexible and multi-functional. When damp, the microfibres use capillary action to grab onto dirt and lift it from your paintwork. When dry, a static charge sucks up even the tiniest particles of dust. Use the green fibre stem side to clean and dust, then use the soft yellow surface to polish and buff. You can also use the black mesh on the sides to rub mud off your wheels. It's a one-size fits all design that gives you sparkling results every time.

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