Mantis: Complete Car Cleaning & Scratch Remover Kit (6 piecies)

Product Code: m09cm80100000001

Price 29.95


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Keep your motor in immaculate condition with this Mantis Car Care collection. The incredible Mantis range includes everything you need to clean, protect and maintain your vehicle from bumper to bumper.

Mantis Instant Shine The amazing waterless car cleaner uses silicone enhancers and a gloss booster to give your car an incredible wet-look shine in minutes.

Perfect Wheels Enjoy cleaner, brighter wheels. Perfect Wheels clings to wheels, lifting road grime and brake dust for amazing long-lasting results.

Wheel Brush - A strong, practical flexible brush for lifting heavy dirt in and around your wheels.

Scratch Remover - This non- abrasive crystalline formula fills in surface scratches to give bodywork a smooth even finish almost instantly.

Microfibre Towels - Super-soft and super-absorbent, these buffing and applicator towels are perfect for giving your car a superb smear-free sheen.