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DriBUDDI Bumper Offer

Product Code: d04bo10100000001

RRP £64.97


SAVE £10 when you buy DriBUDDI, DriBUDDI Hanger & Clips and FastFit Non-Slip Hangers.

Even in the cold of winter, enjoy a summer's day, line-dried feeling in your clothes every day with DriBUDDI. This smart clothes dryer safely but gently dries your clothes using a warm air motor that evens out creases and leaves your garments feeling crisp, fresh, clean and soft.

Tumble driers can be expensive to run and it's easy to shrink or damage clothes by mistake. DriBUDDI is gentle, energy efficient, quiet, and simple to assemble and use - just turn the timer dial and let gentle warm air waves do the rest. You can even time it to dry while you sleep, and awake to warm snug clothes. It holds upto 10 kilos of clothing and is easily packed away for compact storage. There just isn’t a more convenient way to enjoy crisp-dry clothes when you need them.

DriBUDDI Hanger & Clips
The perfect companion to the DriBUDDI, this handy hanger is great for getting your delicates dry in no time! Simply fasten your underwear onto the clips, attach the hanger inside DriBUDDI, zip - and they'll be fresh and ready to wear before you know it!

FastFit Non-Slip Hangers
These hangers have a velvety-soft finish that keeps clothing from slipping off. And they’re only 4mm thick, so you can fit up to 50% more in your wardrobe!

Great value 10-pack

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