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Tidy Twist

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Your mobile, laptop, sat-nav, MP3 player... Everything has a charger these days, and it's so easy to get your cables in a tangle. Tidy Twist is the fast and easy way to keep your chargers and other wires tidily stored away. Just plug the charger into the back of Tidy Twist, wrap the cable around the middle, then secure the end to one of the clips on the sides - simple.

Tidy Twist is designed to fit to any plug, from any country. And it's perfect if you're travelling: it's easy to pack all your chargers neatly into your suitcase without them getting tangled amongst everything else. Tidy Twist is also good if you have too much wire dangling in your way - just wind the excess wire around Tidy Twist and just use as much as you need to.

3 Tidy Twists Included

1 x Blue
1 x Green
1 x Pink

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