Blast Vac Pro: Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner & Leaf Blower

Product Code: b0cbv30100000001

Price 39.99


Blast Vac Pro is the powerful combination vacuum cleaner and blower you can use virtually anywhere. Compact, lightweight and portable, you can use it indoors and out to clean up and shift tough mess in even the most awkward or hard to reach areas.

Complete with 13 different attachments, you can adapt Blast Vac Pro to take care of hundreds of cleaning tasks. You can clean out your car; blow leaves off your driveway; dust your curtains or high shelves; sweep crumbs off countertops; brush clean skirting you can even use it to blow up inflatables. Packaging a mighty 800 watts of power, Blast Vac Pro is mighty enough and versatile enough to step up to almost any cleaning challenge!

Set Includes:

1 x Blast Vac main unit
1 x Long hose
1 x Short hose
1 x Blower port
1 x Soft brush
1 x Firm brush
1 x Crevice brush
3 x Extension tubes
1 x Flat vacuum head
1 x Connection tube
1 x Shoulder strap
1 x Large blower attachment
1 x Medium blower attachment
1 x Small blower attachment
1 x FREE Vac Pack Large