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Food Sealer Rolls

Product Code: f04ba20100000001

RRP £6.99


There are so many great uses for the Food Sealer, these replacement rolls will help you make the most of it. Save money by buying 'bulk' fresh produce from the supermarket/grocers/butchers and then make smaller vacuum sealed bags for storage at home (either in the fridge or freezer). Save even more money by saving leftovers; by vacuum sealing the food, it stays in the same condition as if you'd just served it! Pasta will stay soft and tasty, sauces will stay flavoursome, meats will stay moist and tender.

Ensure you're prepared with Extra Food Sealer rolls - one roll 22cm in width and 3m long, and one 28cm in width, also 3 metres long. Simply cut the roll to the length you require - no wastage at all!

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