Dual Saw All in One Kit

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SAVE almost £50 when you buy Dual Saw, Tungsten Replacement Blade, Diamond Blade, Guide Ruler and Box of 25 Wax Sticks.

Dual Saw
Dual Saw is the mighty saw with counter rotating blades – that’s 2 blades spinning at once, in opposite directions. This more powerful cutting edge almost eliminates kickback, vibrations and sparks to offer smoother, safer, easier, faster sawing. It can tackle just about anything – iron, steel, wood, plastic, PVC and more, without you even needing to change blades. And you can plunge cut straight into the middle of materials and cut in both directions.

The in-built lubricating system helps you cut soft metals like aluminium, copper and stainless steel without causing warping or overheating. The dual ball bearing system gives gears greater stability, while simultaneously reducing friction, helping to transfer 99.9% of the motor’s energy to the blades, giving you 20% more power. The blades have counter-facing teeth - one edge for cutting, one for smoothing - reducing splinters and delivering a smoother cutting edge.

* Dual Saw
* 1 set of all- purpose electro-steel blades
* 10 lubrication sticks
* T-Wrench multi-tool
* Hard-shell protective case
* User manual

Tungsten Replacement Blade
These Tungsten Blades will help your Dual Saw to cut through virtually any material. Made with industrial grade tungsten carbide, these blades are hard like diamond and wield enough power to cut through all types of wood, plastic and metal.

Diamond Blade
This set of two Diamond Blades will give your Dual Saw the power of a wet saw, giving it the strength to cut through masonry such as stone, tile and even granite – no material is too tough!

Guide Ruler
The Glide Ruler will transform your Dual Saw into a powerful circular saw. The housing helps you to measure and guides you through the material while cutting to give you straight, perfect results.

Box of 25 Wax Sticks
This set of 25 lubrication sticks will help to protect your Dual Saw blades when they cut through soft metals like aluminium and copper. The sticks fit into the top of the saw, so they move downward onto the blades as you saw, keeping them lubricated and ensuring smooth, efficient performance when cutting soft metals without warping or melting them.