Doktor Power: Magic Eraser for Surface Marks & Stains

Product Code: d03me30100000001

Price £4.99


As featured on C4's Obsesssive Compulsive Cleaners.
“It’s amazing. It removed limescale from taps with just a drop of water”-Ideal Home
"Brings up tiles a treat'' - Chat

Doktor Power is the super- strength, cost effective way to make your home gleam from top to bottom! The latest addition to the family is this nifty sponge cleaning block. It can rub stubborn marks off surfaces as easily as rubbing pencil marks off paper.

Customise the block to suit your chores. Simply cut into any shape or size to tackle awkward nooks and crannies, polish taps, knobs, switches and much more. Non-abrasive, Doktor Power Magic Eraser can be used on all sorts of surfaces, including wood, paintwork, chrome and vinyl. Just rinse, dry and re-use. This huge block (32 x 13 x 4cm) goes a very long way. Fantastic value and no detergents necessary: save money, time and elbow grease.

No matter how big or small the chore, Doktor Power is the money- smart way to tackle all cleaning needs. Try the new range today and see how much you could save.