Doktor Power 3D Cloths

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As featured on C4's Obsesssive Compulsive Cleaners.

Doktor Power Microfibre 3D Cloths are the essential daily solution for making countertops and surfaces shine. Woven from super-soft and super-strong microfibre, they work both wet and dry to tackle even tough dirty marks without leaving any smears or streaks.

When dry, they use static power to draw in dust and debris. When wet, they use capillary action to grab on to dirt particles and lift them up and away from surfaces. Microfibre 3D Cloths are incredibly absorbent and hold up to 5x times their own weight, so sucking up spills is so simple. For all-round cleaning convenience and sparkling surface results, reach for Doktor Power Microfibre 3D cloths every time.

Three cloths included with each pack.