Paint Sprayer Elite: Spray Gun, Container & Stain Removal Kit

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SAVE almost £15 when you buy Paint Sprayer Elite, Paint Sprayer Elite Container and Stainz R Out.

Paint Sprayer Elite
Painting your home has never been easier thanks to Paint Sprayer Elite. This new and improved Paint Sprayer boasts a new one piece compact design which makes getting the perfect paint finish simpler than ever before. Ideal for painting anywhere inside and outside your home, you can use it to paint large and small surfaces, as well as intricate details and hard to reach places.

The special 360° degree spray technology provides great coverage, with no drips and no spills. You can set it to spray horizontally or vertically to suit the surface you’re painting. There's also a precision setting to help you paint more difficult corners and awkward spaces. It holds up to 800ml of paint which is enough to cover 7 square metres. For professional home decorating results, look no further than Paint Sprayer Elite.

Paint Sprayer Elite Container
If you need to paint with more than one type of paint, or with two colours, this extra Paint Sprayer Pot is going to come in handy. Continue to paint uninterrupted, without having to clean a Paint Pot until you’re finished.

Stainz R Out
The ultimate in stain removal, Stainz R Out can make toughs stains, old and new, vanish from just about any material, anywhere in your home. From oil to lipstick, nail polish to pet stains, independent laboratory tests prove that Stainz R Out can remove just about any type of stubborn household stain!

Stainz R Out removes marks on clothing, carpets, leather, upholstery – it even works on hard surfaces like tiles, concrete and bathroom fixtures. The powerful formula is made of environmentally friendly natural banana oil and is completely bio-degradable.

Set Includes:
Four full 8oz bottles included in each order.