Dual Saw

Product Code: d0bds40100000001

Price £99.99


Dual Saw is the mighty saw with counter rotating blades – that’s 2 blades spinning at once, in opposite directions. This more powerful cutting edge almost eliminates kickback, vibrations and sparks to offer smoother, safer, easier, faster sawing. It can tackle just about anything – iron, steel, wood, plastic, PVC and more, without you even needing to change blades. And you can plunge cut straight into the middle of materials and cut in both directions.

The in-built lubricating system helps you cut soft metals like aluminium, copper and stainless steel without causing warping or overheating. The dual ball bearing system gives gears greater stability, while simultaneously reducing friction, helping to transfer 99.9% of the motor’s energy to the blades, giving you 20% more power. The blades have counter-facing teeth - one edge for cutting, one for smoothing - reducing splinters and delivering a smoother cutting edge.

Kit Includes:
* Dual Saw
* Tungston multipurpose blades
* 10 lubrication sticks
* T- Wrench multi-tool
* Hard-shell protective case
* User manual