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Enjoy delicious barbecue cooking at home come rain or shine with Grillex. This clever barbecue style cooker sits on gas cooker tops or gas stoves to deliver delicious barbecue food and kebabs with no mess or fuss and it's completely smoke free.

So easy to use, Grillex works by suspending your food on skewers and allowing heat to circulate all around them. Heat is sent from you cooker tops into a central diffuser, which distributes heat evenly to create a "flavour chimney" around your food, sealing in the flavours while draining away the fat for healthier cooking.

You can cook almost anything: Grillex comes with a food cage as well as skewers, helping you to cook sausages, burgers, fish fingers, vegetables and so much more. There's room for 10 skewers or cages, enough space to cook whole feasts for the family or for your next party.

Kit Includes:

1 x Grillex
1 x Grill Basket
2 x Double Skewer
5 x Single Skewers
1 x Colourful Instruction Manual