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Ceracraft Deep Frying Pan 28cm

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Fry up feasts for all the family with this incredibly non-stick Ceracraft Deep Frying Pan. Ceracraft Pans use a ceramic non-stick coating thats so effective, you can fry foods without a drop of added fat or oil and make healthier meals. Made without harmful PTFE and PFOA, ceramic is also scratch resistant and incredibly durable.*

The hard-wearing aluminium body distributes heat evenly and is great at retaining heat, so you can cook on a lower setting to enjoy enhanced flavours. The Pan also uses a strong steel plate base which makes it suitable for all cooker hobs, including induction. And best of all, its very easy to clean - must be hand washed.

Accessories Available for Ceracraft Deep Frying Pan 28cm:

* Ceracraft Aroma Lid 28cm
* Ceracraft Pan Protectors
* Utensil Set

*Wooden or silicone utensils are advised to aid protection of the coating

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