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Pedi Pro Deluxe

Product Code: b07bu60100000001

RRP £19.99


Pedi Pro Deluxe is a professional pedicure treatment that fits in the palm of your hand. This electronic personal bodycare system has a high-speed rotating head, with hundreds of ultra fine micro-crystals. The head quickly, but gently, removes dead and hard calloused skin, while exfoliating and rejuvenating your feet. The result? Silky smooth, soft soles that feel like they've just stepped out of the salon.

Pedi Pro Deluxe has 2 different speed settings, and comes with buffing pads that will give your feet the perfect finishing touch. Skin shavings collect in the in- built storage tray, so there's absolutely no mess. Safe and easy to use, Pedi Pro Deluxe is the perfect at home salon solution to dry cracked skin on your feet, toes and heels.

Pedi Pro Deluxe comes in a 12 piece set, which includes:

  • 1 x Pedi Pro Deluxe
  • 1 x Stainless steel shaving disc
  • 1 x Buffing disc
  • 1 x Shaving tray
  • 6 x Buffing pads
  • 1 x Carry pouch
  • 1 x Cleaning brush

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