Kitchen Accessories

Cool Mama
She keeps your fridge refreshed and odour-free!
NOW €13.99 WAS €19.99
Hot Hands
Individual, wet-or-dry silicone oven gloves
NOW €12.49 WAS €24.99
Cando Can Opener
Takes the effort out of opening so many things!
NOW €15.99 WAS €19.99
Motion activated, multi-purpose, LED light
Only €14.99
Fast flexible multi food-prep
NOW €28.79 WAS €47.99
Turn your veggies into spaghetti!
NOW €12.49 WAS €14.99
Ultra-absorbent, thick washing up mat
Available in other colours
From €8.36
Scissor style combination blade & chopping board
Only €17.99
Silicone strainer & colander that fits to your pans
Available in other colours
NOW €9.47 WAS €11.99
Replace your bin liners quickly & easily
NOW €10.57 WAS €15.99
Veggie Cut spiralizer for quick and easy food prep
NOW €47.99 WAS €53.99
The no mess solution to toasted sandwiches!
Only €11.99
Multi vegetable chopper with FREE peeler
Only €59.99
Perfect cupcakes, straight from the microwave
NOW €8.99 WAS €11.99
The microwave popcorn sensation
NOW €10.79 WAS €17.99
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