Food Preparation

Veggie Cut spiralizer, SmartCutter & 52pc container set
NOW €34.99 WAS €49.99
Veggie Cut spiralizer for quick and easy food prep
NOW €47.99 WAS €53.99
Veggie Cut Smart Cutter
Chip, cut & store vegetables in a single chop
NOW €18.74 WAS €24.99
Turn your veggies into spaghetti!
NOW €12.49 WAS €14.99
Perfect finely-diced garlic, with a twist!
Only €24.99
Perfect finely-diced garlic, with a twist!
Only €19.99
Multi vegetable chopper with FREE peeler
Only €59.99
Automatic opener with the push of a button
Available in other colours
NOW €11.99 WAS €17.99
Twist 'n' Chop
Vegetable, spice & herb chopper in seconds
Only €8.39
Ceramic, non-stick microwave egg cooker
NOW €13.32 WAS €19.99
Snap n Slice
Quick, no-mess slicing and dicing system
Only €39.99
Super Slicer
Slice your vegetables, thick & thin, with ease
Only €11.99
Chopper, mixer & salad spinner in one
NOW €12.49 WAS €14.99
Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health
Authentic Asian recipes for your Lotus Wok
Only €20.99
Stuffed burger press & shaper
NOW €10.61 WAS €14.99
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