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So you're snuggled-up on the sofa, ready to relax. But every time you need to reach for the remote, take a sip of your cocoa or turn the page of your favourite magazine, your arms are exposed to the bitter cold, destroying the perfectly snuggly position it took you forever to get just right! This is where the undeniably cozy Snuggie from JML comes to the rescue!

Snuggie is the toastiest blanket ever. It's a soft-to- touch fleece with large, loose sleeves - for warmth all winter long. Forget throws and ordinary blankets! This ginormous, lightweight fleece makes the perfect gift for people who feel the cold, or those who are simply looking to save cash on their energy bills. With over 4 million sold in the USA alone, Snuggie is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. Purchase your s now to find out why...

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