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Shark: Portable Hand-held Pocket Steam Cleaner (SC630)

Product Code: s06ph30100000001

RRP £24.99


Was £89.99

Save £65.00

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Shark Steam Pocket Portable comes with the following included:

1 x Steam Bottle
1 x Extension Hose
1 x Wedge Cleaning Tool
1 x Cylinder Cleaning Tool
1 x Detail Cleaning Handle
2 x Detail Brush Accessories
1 x Garment Steamer Diffuser
1 x Garment Brush Attachment
1 x Garment Steamer Bonnet
1 x Shower Door Squeegee Attachment
1 x Filling Flask
1 x Direct Steam Nozzle
1 x All-Purpose Wedge Cleaning Pockets
1 x All-Purpose Cylinder Cleaning Pockets
1 x Steam Duster Cylinder Cleaning Pocket
1 x Scrubbing Wedge Pocket
1 x Nozzle Cleaner

Model Number: SC630

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