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Ceracraft Frying Pans

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Key Features:

  • Colourful contemporary cookware
  • Ceramic-coated cooking surface
  • Non-stick, PTFE-free cooking surface
  • Scratch resistant
  • Wooden or silicone utensils are advised to aid protection of the coating
  • Oven safe up to 150°C
  • Durable forged aluminium with stainless steel plate base
  • Ergonomic easy grip handle
  • Available in a variety of colours

Before first use: Remove all packaging and labels. Wash in hot, soapy water, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Seasoning your pan for enhanced performance:

1. Before first use, rub vegetable oil into the surface with a kitchen towel.
2. Warm on a hob on a medium heat until it starts to sizzle.
3. Leave to cool, then wash and wipe clean.
4. Repeat periodically to improve the surface performance and longevity.

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