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Wonder Core

Product Code: w0awc10100000001

RRP €95.99


Was €119.99

Save €24.00

Wonder Core is the clever exerciser that works your abs twice as hard. Sit-ups and crunches only work muscles on the way up, but the Wonder Core exerciser reclines, working your core all the way up and down to double the resistance.

With a full 180 degree range of motion, you can isolate and train your lower, middle and upper abs for a toner, tighter core. Comfortable cushion pads support your back while you work out. Not only will they help massage your back, but the arcing recline helps stretch your muscles and can help relieve back pain too.

In addition to working your core, you can also perform knee tucks and do twisting exercises on the seat to target your side oblique muscles. Wonder Core gives you a full core workout, so you can enjoy sexy six pack abs and a perfect figure.

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