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MicroTouch Switchblade

Product Code: m16sb60100000001

RRP €35.99


MicroTouch Switchblade is a compact 2-in-1 precision trimmer and full size hair trimmer. Use the precision trimmer for all those awkward areas, like in and around your ears and nose, then slide off the trimmer cover and cut hair on your neck, chest, legs and more. You can use it virtually anywhere.

Using precision steel blades, MicroTouch Switchblade is powerful but gentle, as comfortable and effective to use on delicate areas as it is on thick hair. And it comes with a selection of guide attachments, so you can trim hair to your desired length and trim your eyebrows with complete accuracy.

6-piece set includes:
  • MicroTouch Switchblade
  • 3 different length guide attachments
  • Eyebrow styler
  • Cleaning brush

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