Belvia: Ultra-Comfortable Super-soft Bootcut Jeans (denim look)

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Belvia Jeans are for women who love jeans but can never find the right comfortable fit. They’re made from an incredibly soft cotton and elastane weave that stretches to your figure, giving you a perfect snug fit without you ever having to squeeze into them.

Belvia Jeans look like denims, but feel as comfy as PJs. They fasten with a drawstring, so they’re simple to adjust and won’t rub or create bulges around the waist. They’re perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re relaxing on the sofa, or heading to the shops. And they’re so comfortable, you can even sleep in them.

XS UK Size 6
S UK Size 8-10
M UK Size 12- 14
L UK Size 16- 18
XL UK Size 20
XXL UK Size 22
Length 32"