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Savings with The Outlet Regis Stone Pans

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    • Shark Lift-Away Steam Pocket 5-in-1


      The clever mop that’s a floor steamer with a hand-held steamer built-in


      Was €174.99

      Save €40.00

    • GoChef


      The versatile cooker that roasts, boils, fries, steams, bakes, slow cooks & more


    • Microwave Hot Pot

      Make fast and easy meals in your microwave with this clever cooking pot


    • RadiClean

      Clean radiators easily and help make them more energy efficient


    • Wizard Washer


      The portable cleaning hose that makes washing cars, caravans and more so easy


    • Make 'n' Bake


      Enjoy delicious fresh bread, cake and jam just the way you like it


    • Go Chef Stand Mixer

      Knead, whisk and mix like pro with this powerful heavy-duty mixer

      From €179.99

      Was 0.00


    • X-Styler TV Offer

      Flaunt stunning hair with this unique combination straightener and curler


      Was €59.99

      Save €12.00

    • Snap Screen


      The clever door screen that uses magnets to snap closed behind you

      From €11.99

      Was 0.00


    • AirWave Fryer


      Tasty fried foods cooked with no oil or fat


      Was €143.99

      Save €24.00

    • Belvia Bra


      The most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear. Available in a variety of colours

      From €7.80

      Was 15.59


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