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Savings with The Outlet Regis Stone Pans

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    • GoChef 5 in 1 Grill & Press
      Red tag

      GoChef 5 in 1 Grill & Press

      Fast, multi-function cooking for tasty, mouth-watering meals


    • JML Magic Layer TV Offer
      Red tag

      JML Magic Layer TV Offer


      Stay toasty warm with this great value 3-vest offer with a FREE Belvia Bra

      From €35.99

      Was 0.00


    • Rapido 8-in-1 Blender
      Red tag

      Rapido 8-in-1 Blender


      Enjoy fast, flexible food-prep with this 21-piece compact blender set


      Was €59.99

      Save €12.00

    • 2-Pc Heavy Duty Regis Stone Pans Set
      Red tag

      2-Pc Heavy Duty Regis Stone Pans Set


      Save £10! Healthy cooking. Non-stick, scratch resistant pans in 20cm and 28cm.


    • Mineral Magic TV Offer
      Red tag

      Mineral Magic TV Offer


      Achieve complexion perfection with the complete Mineral Magic collection


    • Belvia Bra
      Red tag

      Belvia Bra


      The most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear. Available in a variety of colours

      From €7.80

      Was 15.59


    • Ceracraft Pans TV Offer
      Red tag

      Ceracraft Pans TV Offer


      Save £25 with this complete set of ceramic-coated ultra non-stick pans

      From €53.95

      Was 89.96


    • FastFit Sticky Rollers
      Red tag

      FastFit Sticky Rollers


      Remove the annoying fluff and hair that clings to clothes and fabrics


    • Halowave Oven Bumper Offer
      Red tag

      Halowave Oven Bumper Offer


      Unlock the full potential of halogen cooking with this complete Halowave set

      From €83.99

      Was 0.00


    • Pest Defence
      Red tag

      Pest Defence

      Instant, humane home pest protection from rats, mice, cockroaches and more


    • Belvia Shapewear Top
      Red tag

      Belvia Shapewear Top


      Flaunt a slimmer silhouette with this smoothing and contouring shapewear top

      From €8.99

      Was 17.99


    • DriBUDDI Elite
      Red tag

      DriBUDDI Elite

      A larger, efficient warm air dryer that fits even more clothes


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