UV Ultra Vac: Allergens, Bed Bugs & Dust Mite Killer

Product Code: t11u230100000001

Price €95.99


We spend about a third of our lives in bed, but hardly spend any time cleaning them. Beds are a breeding ground for dust mites and bed bugs, which can leave harmful allergens and irritate our skin, leaving us feeling itchy, tired and congested in the morning.

With the UV Ultra Vac you can rest easy again. This innovative bed cleaner has an inbuilt UV light, which generates special UV rays that are proven to damage dust mite and bed bug DNA, reducing dust mite infestations and surface bed bug infestations by more than 90%. Once dead, they are easily sucked-up, along with their waste, by the powerful vacuum. It also has a built-in HEPA filter, which prevents 99.9% of allergens removed from being released into the air.

Accessories Available for UV Ultra Vac:

* UV Ultra Vac Replacement Bulb
* UV Ultra Vac Replacement Filter
* UV Ultra Vac Warranty