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Pearl Hair Remover Set

Product Code: p0iph60100000001

RRP €107.99


The Pearl Hair Remover gives you silky smooth skin for longer, without the mess and pain of waxing, and shaving, or the costs of salon treatment. Pearl uses a revolutionary thermotransmitter that not only removes hair, but slows down its re-growth, keeping you smoother for longer.

When the Pearl Hair Remover glides across your skin, it transmits heat through your hair strands, right down into the growth follicle. This heat effectively weakens the follicle, allowing hair to shed and slowing down any new growth. This process is completely painless and is suitable for all hair types and skin colours. It even comes with a special attachment for removing hair in sensitive areas, like your face and bikini line, and includes buffing pads to give your skin the perfect smooth finish.

This great value 15-piece set includes:

* Pearl Hair Remover
* Large & Small heat transferring tips
* Large buffer with 4 refill pads
* Small buffer with 4 refill pads
* Cleaning brush
* Carry pouch
* Charger

Accessories Available for The Pearl Hair Remover Set:

* Pearl Hair Remover Tips

* Pearl Hair Remover Buffer Pads

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