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Food Sealer Rolls - Triple Pack

Product Code: f04ba201001u1001

RRP €19.16


"The vacuum-pack alternative to cling film'' Take it Easy

Love your JML Food Sealer? Don't forget that you can get extra bags delivered directly to your door. For a steal of a price, you'll get two 3 meter rolls - in two convenient large and jumbo sizes. Ideal for storing all your Food Sealer favourites, keeping things fresh has never been so easy!

Remember with your JML Food Sealer you can bring professional catering technology to your home. Air can be the worst enemy of food. As quick as 5 minutes exposed, and your fresh ingredients will become oxidised and loose their goodness. The Food Sealer sucks the air out and seals the bag; dramatically extending the shelf life of your food. The automatic heat seal keeps leftovers full of goodness - for meals as good as the day they were served. A clever, wallet friendly idea to help you cut back, Food Sealer Bags give you more for your money by reducing waste.

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