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Exakt Saw

Introducing the new, improved Exakt Saw. This award winning DIY favourite has just got even better - with newly designed features that make it even quicker and easier to use.

With its beautifully engineered, patented design - Exakt Saw is a revolution in home renovation and hobbies. Forget hand saws, jigsaws and circular saws, they can be bulky, heavy and tricky to use. Whether you're a pro or an amateur, this precision mini saw lets you tackle a whole host of DIY jobs with ease and accuracy. The powerful motor spins the blade at 4000 rpm, to make sawing through wood, tiles, plastic, slate, laminates, even metal, a breeze. It cuts to a depth of up to 12mm and thanks to the unique dust extraction system, Exakt Saw even clears away the messy sawdust for you.

With improved styling and ergonomic comfort, we're confident you'll reach for this incredible cutting tool again and again. Now you can whip through home renovation projects by speeding up tiling, flooring and woodwork!

This complete kit comes with everything you need to get started - including 3 quality sawing blades!

Exakt Saw V Guard

Attach it to your Exakt Saw to make cutting pipes a breeze.

The Exakt Saw V Guard attachment makes cutting pipes quick and effortless. Whatever their diameter and whatever material they are made from, the V Guard clips onto your Exakt Saw and allows you to cut any pipe without distorting its shape or leaving a jagged edge. From steel hanging rails in your wardrobe, to your washing machine's waste pipe or your home's down pipe, the V Guard makes cutting them a breeze.

Exakt Saw Aluminium Case

The perfect place to store your Exakt Saw.
This strong and sturdy aluminium case is ideal for storing and transporting your Exakt Saw and all its accessories. Whether you're a professional or a DIYer, the aluminium case looks smart and stylish. Keep your Exakt Saw protected and ready to use whenever you need it.

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