Cleaning Equipment

Cool Mama
She keeps your fridge refreshed and odour-free!
Only €19.99
Microfibre mop, dual bucket & mop head
Only €47.99
Microfibre mop, dual bucket, trolley + spare heads
Only €59.99
The soft wet-or-dry broom that does everything
Only €11.99
Super Mop Pro
Ultra-absorbing, drying, sponge mop
Only €14.39
Super Mop Pro Head
Absorbent, Super Mop Pro refill pack
Only €5.99
Super Mop Pro Heads 3 Pack
Absorbent, Super Mop Pro triple refill pack
Only €11.96
3 pack for the price of 2!
Only €19.98
Ultra-absorbent, thick washing up mat
Available in other colours
Only €9.99
Replace your bin liners quickly & easily
Only €15.99
She’s the fun microwave cleaner that’s steaming mad!
Only €15.99
Easy Squeegee
3-in-1 microfibre glass and window cleaner
Only €11.99
Flexible, absorbent, microfibre mop & mitt
Only €11.99
Flexible, multi-purpose radiator duster
Only €9.99
 The soft sponge and hard scourer, in one! 
Only €11.99
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