Garden Accessories

Inflates in seconds with just the air around you!
Available in other colours
Only £49.99
Star Shower Motion
Thousands of dancing, sparkling, moving lights!
Only £69.99
Blow and Glow
Blow-activated, authentically-styled LED lantern.
Only £11.99
LED flashlight and multi-tool to take anywhere
Only £11.99
Motion activated, multi-purpose, LED light
Only £11.99
Lightweight, expanding, non-kink hose pipe
From £9.99
Fast, safe, mess-free & simple hedge cutting
Only £79.99
The solar-charged security light that takes care of itself
Only £19.99
Mega Hose Nozzle
Mega Hose pipe nozzle for universal use
NOW £7.49 WAS £9.99
Enchanter Planter
LED colour changing pot (indoor/outdoor)
Only £9.99
A modern take on a beautifully traditional way to light up your home
Only £19.99
Star Shower Motion Base
Indoor base unit for your Star Shower Motion
Only £9.99
Star Shower Base
Indoor base unit for your Star Shower
Only £9.99
Instant, hard, waterproof repair tape
Only £9.99