Lazer Bond
UV activated fast liquid plastic adhesive and filler
Only £11.99
LED flashlight and multi-tool to take anywhere
Only £11.99
2-in-1 LED torch & lamp with a magnetic base
Only £9.99
Powerful double-blade cutting for smoother DIY
Only £99.99
SAVE £40!
Dual Saw Bundle Kit
Save £40 on these fantastic products
Only £152.97
Dual Saw Diamond Blades
2 stone & masonary diamond blades
Only £39.99
HSS Planer Blades
Exakt Sander HSS Planer Blades (set of 2)
Only £9.99
Dual Saw 25 Lubrication Sticks
Dual Saw blade protection lubrication sticks
Only £12.99
Dual Saw Tungston Blades
Universal Tungsten blades
Only £39.99
MultiPRO Sanding and Grinding Pack: 14 Piece Set
MultiPRO Multi-tool sanding & grinding pack
Only £14.99
Scraper, cutter, sander & sawing Multi-tool
Only £49.99
MultiPRO Multi-tool 16 Piece Set + Carry Case
Ultimate high-performance Multi-tool & case
Only £59.99
MultiPRO Multi-tool Carbide Blade
Perfect for cutting and grinding hard material
Only £14.99
MultiPRO Multi-tool TV Starter Kit: 22 Piece Set
22 piece set, 4-in-1 Multi-tool & cutters
Only £59.98
MultiPRO Multi-tool TV Complete Kit: 36 Piece Set
Complete Multi-tool & accessory kit
Only £84.97
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